Cross Roads


I am inspired in science-fiction is not unlike a hungry slime mold - always consuming, always hungry. Bring me hard science, bring me soft science, bring me pulp!


Fantasy is like an old friend. I don’t see it frequently, but it’s no less a stranger when we get together. Leaning more towards magical realism and surrealism as opposed to the classic dragon slaying, gratitious nudity, and damsels in castles, my take on fantasy is more ‘fantastical’ if anything else.

 A burgeoning sub-genre of science-fiction with close cousins to horror, New Weird is a somewhat newer appreciated literary vibe., although its roots are heavily based in Lovecraft and Cosmic Horror.

Wikipedia says: “ exercises in worldbuilding characterized by a heterogeneity of sources, genres, and details" and "particularly eclectic; mixing modern street culture with ancient mythology. “ I say it’s dark, sci-fi horror stories more based in reality and flirting with its genre neighbors, with particular bent to ecological and sociological themes. Mushrooms? Check. Moss? Got it. Strange fish men people? Only if they come from Innsmouth (kidding, all fish people are welcome here.”

Inspired by all the quite real and thankfully uncommon night terrors that have plagued me since childhood, I aim to deliver that sharp, dread inducing, skin crawling oddness that I like to believe is my brand of horror. Nefarious pharmacists, strange bars, and fever dream memories -- I want to my readers to finish a story of mine and wonder “Is Glenn okay? Where is he now? I hope he’s not under my bed.”

I operate on vampire rules. I’d have to be invited to be under your bed.

Somethings are undefinable. That’s life. And even the most genre-avoiding can be genre-defying.