Ripples in Space | May 2019

New Myths | September 2022

A human skeleton 3.5 miles long falls on Manhattan. On the tenth year since the "Titanfall", a Japanese Ph.D candidate sets out to paint a real picture of the citizens post-cataclysm.

~30 minute read

Letters from the Singularity

Hyphen Punk  | October 2021

Shabd Aaweg | November 2021

Existential Hologram | June 2023

Eldritch Science, N3F | July 2024

Letters from the battlefront as a man struggles with the inevitable assimilation into the Singularity.

2022 National Fantasy Fan Federation Short Story Contest 

Letters from the Singularity

" This is a “Greek Tragedy” of a story, graphically depicting the downfall of a man -- a hero! -- into nemesis and ruin.  Definitely a sad story, but, like the Greek Tragedies, inescapable.  The epistolary format works well for this, as we clearly perceive the “voice” of the man as he slides horribly into his destruction.  Your narrative is clear and crisp, very well-written, and certainly emotionally evocative.

Your story did not win a prize in the 2022 National Fantasy Fan Federation Short Story Contest, but it was a finalist in the judging.  It was an honor and a joy for me to read it; thank you for participating in the contest."

~ 30 minute read


How to Kill an Electric Man

The Worlds Within | February 2022

In a post-apocalyptic New York City where technology does not work, one group discovers a strange man who can activate the old machines with a simple touch.

~20 minute read


Little Ghosts by Esos Ridley

OFIC  | September 2022

Existential Hologram | May 2023

Internova | TBD

House of Zolo | December 2023

Jay Henge | February 2024

​ Sengkai Press TBD

After a centuries long break, the celebrated scientist and world’s first automaton returns with new programming and talks about life and death, art and science, and finding purpose.
By Esos Ridley, writing for LIFE
January 2184

​ The Mike Resnick Memorial Award 2022 
Little Ghosts by Esos Ridley
"This email is to let you know that your submission, "Little Ghosts by Esos Ridley" was actually on the shortlist for the award (one of the ten stories given to judges). Usually those who are on the shortlist, but don't make the finalist list are not told how close they came, but when Lois McMaster Bujold found out your submission didn't make the top five finalists, she wanted me to send you a personal message with a note from her:
"Hi there --
I just wanted you to know how much I particularly enjoyed your story "Little Ghosts".   I found it slyly humorous, deeply thoughtful, and well constructed, with something worth saying and said well.
Please keep writing and submitting!
best regards, Lois McMaster Bujold"

~25 minute read


The Astronaut

Chrome Baby | Feb 2025

A time traveling honeymooner takes a right instead of a left during an excursion to Coney Island, NYC.

Deep Sett / Chrome BabyFeb 2025

~20 minute read


All the Singularity Girls

Katie Mae loves the Singularity Girls, and has braved the horrible and scary OUTSIDE WORLD to their next concert. Thing is, the Singularity Girls are from another dimension, and she can't help but feel a little angry that the world around her is crumbling apart. What does "Invasion" even mean, nowadays?

Black Cat Weekly TBD
Savage Planets - Astrailien

~20 minute read