Florilegium | Speculative Fiction, New Weird | 2021

At the height of the Cold War, a group of scientists are given five years in a nuclear bunker to unlock the might of an unlimited energy source. They complete the task in the first week.

Instead of going home, they choose to pursue their own scientific endeavors, inadvertently pushing beyond the laws of the natural world and what it means to be human.

Interrobang | Epic Fantasy | 2018

A dysfunctional crew tasked with shepherding a demi-god around the world  confronts the emergence of an eldritch force which threatens to tip the balance. Floating pirate ships, cults, and socio-political struggles abound.

Arc's Got a Gig | 2022

Arc's got a gig and he's very good at it. Cursed with reincarnation, Arcturus makes the most of his situation as the stand in for cult sacrifices. This would be a horror story if Arc would didn't have such a good attitude.

Tilyou's Daughters | 2023

Utopia / Dystopia, capitalism manifest, speculative architecture taken to its logical conclusion, murder, hedonism. Can Morgan handle the destruction of her identity against the backdrop of this neo-noir nightmare?

King Kob and the Astro Kids