Smoke & coffee

SCRIBBLE LIT (print) | November 2018

NIGHT'S END (audio) | November 2022

A man takes a right when he should have gone left and finds himself at a mysterious bar with even stranger patrons.

~19 minute read

~22 minute listen



 Pickled Lotus

Aphelion | October 2021

*Included in "Best Short Stories of 2021" 

Penumbric | February 2023

State of Matter | September 2022

SCHLOCK! | February 2023

A group of pirates go to strip an ocean liner carrying a toxic flower, only to find that the ship is not abandoned as they originally anticipated. Inspired by Odysseus's time with the Lotus Eaters.

~ 40 minute read


The Birch

Wintermute | October 2021

Daikaijune | December 2021

A mysterious force shows you the bodies of loved ones in the creepy town of Cog Hollow, and you will want to save them.

~9 minute read

Mr. Mongo’s Fanciful Elixir

Piker Press | August 2022

Nocturne | October 2022

Kaidenkai (audio)| October 2022

Cloaked Press “Nightmare Fuel” | November 2022

AEL Press| November 2022

Rogue Planet Press “Lovecrafvania”| December 2022

An insidious pharmacist lurks at the fringes of a small town, and everyone loves him. Only children can see a cuckoo for what it is.

~20 minute read



Mr. Guthrie’s Familiar

Rural Fiction  (print) | March 2023
Creation (print) | January 2023
Nocturnal Transmissions (audio) | June 2023
Creations | January 2024
Just Chills (audio) | February 2024
Dissections | March 2024

A man looks back on a fever dream memory of childhood and wonders if it was a dream at all.

~20 minute read



The Bug Room

Ansible | February 2023

​Haunted MTL  2024

Everyone has a bug room. This one is yours.

FOR ASTRONAUT: Deep Sett / Chrome BabyFeb 2025

For Singularity Girls : Black Cat Weekly TBD
Sengkai Press TBD
Savage Planets - astrailien

~20 minute read